These are the rules for adding categories, so users don't add unneeded categories to an article(whether they don't understand what they are doing or if they do it to farm edits). I recommend that everyone takes into account the following format or necessary action will be taken. (This is for Pokemon articles only so far, and it doesn't include Mega Pokemon)

There are only 6-7 categories needed for each article. There are normally six, but there are seven if the Pokemon is a legendary. The six necessary categories are listed below;

  • Pokemon (obviously, but it's automatically added when the Pokemon template is used)
  • Pokemon with the ability <the pokemon's ability> (EX:Pokemon with the ability opportunist)
  • <the pokemon's type>-type Pokemon (EX:Flying-type Pokemon)
  • Pokemon with an attack power of <the attack power> (EX:Pokemon with an attack power of 30)
  • Pokemon found in <where the pokemon is found> (Please don't add the stage number! It should look like this:Pokemon found in Puerto Blanco)
  • Pokemon with a base catchability of <the pokemon's base catchability> (EX:Pokemon with a base catchability of 60%)

If the Pokemon is a legendary, please add Legendary Pokemon as a category. Also, please make sure that you add the categories with the same grammar and capitalization as the ones above, or they will be corrected and any further action will be taken.

If you need to know any of the information for adding the categories, you can look at the article to find what you need. If it isn't there, you can ask someone, or look it up.

Thanks a lot to everyone who decided to help this wiki grow!


EDIT:If it's a Pokemon that's is found in an Escalation Battle, instead of adding the base catchability category, add Escalation Battle Pokemon as a category instead. Hope that clears it up for you!